Gateway Youth & Teen Center

We Put Our Kids First!

Child & Youth Programs operate eight housing area community centers and offer a wide variety of recreation programs for children ages five (enrolled in Kindergarten or first grade) to eighteen. Some of these programs include open recreation, contract classes, field trips, teen programming, and special events, and more! For additional information on any of these programs or services, contact your local Housing Area Community Center.

Before and After School Program

This program is designed to meet the needs of school-aged youth (five and in Kindergarten to twelve years) in the hours before and after school.  Transitional Kindergarten (TK) (where available) will be charged the School age (SAC) rate for school year and camps. TK children will not be eligible to be placed in SAC program until child is 5 years of age and enrolled in kindergarten or 1st grade. Families currently enrolled in CDC and who are transitioning their child into a SAC program can begin the transition no sooner than 1 week prior of starting school. Please Note: Proof of grade level is required for enrollment. TK is not considered kindergarten.  Before and After School Programs include activities while offering parents peace of mind by providing a safe and supportive place for children and youth to engage in activities that promote and develop positive values, community contribution, reinforce educational skills, promote physical fitness and explore career development. We work with our partners, the Boys & Girls Clubs, 4-H, and the National Academy of Youth Sports to have projects and activities that include building character, leadership, the arts and life skills and much, much more.

Day Camp / Intercession / School Holidays

This full-day program is offered for youth between the ages of five and twelve and is conducted during school holidays and summer vacation/intercession periods. Day camp activities include arts and crafts, sports, games, swimming, field trips, outdoor recreation, cultural programs and special events.

Youth Sports

Play the Game and Enjoy the Sport
Our goal at the Navy Youth Sports experience is to teach the enjoyment of playing on a team as a character building activity without the pressure of a highly competitive program. We strive for participation, physical fitness, fair play, positive sportsmanship, and game skills. As members of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, we believe that every child regardless of their abilities should have an opportunity to positively benefit from meaningful participation. Volunteer coaches are greatly appreciated. For a calendar of youth sports events and information on how to participate, please visit our Youth Sports page.